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HELP’s highly innovative Service Delivery Model HELP2Work utilises our Wheel of Work (WoW) to provide tailored employment and training solutions to deliver successful placement outcomes.

HELP believes employment changes the lives of people by offering independence, self-esteem and social connectedness. You will benefit from our expertise in delivering employment and training services for more than 22 years and assisting job seekers gain meaningful employment.

HELP2Work is a “Hub & Spoke” individually tailored model that addresses multiple barriers by utilising Wheel of Work (WoW) to engage job seekers and provide guidance through all 5 pit stops of the employment cycle – HELP2Enter, HELP2Assess, HELP2Prepare, HELP2Placement and HELP2Exit.

You can move through each pit stop, or across multiple pit stops, depending on changing individual needs and circumstances over the full term of your employment life-cycle


Help Employment and Training

Help Employment and Training