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Murray's Tears of Joy

Murray's Story

This job seeker was crying tears of joy as he finally achieved his dream of Working

Murray, who lives with disability, had a lengthy and frustrating search for employment having exhausted every avenue he could think of; hundreds of resumes, phone calls, letters and even job classifieds.

He had also tried a number of Disability Employment Service providers over several years, without luck. That was until he joined Help Employment & Training.

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Greg Luck said his team focus on what a job seeker can do, not what they can’t. 

"Murray chose to come to us only a few months ago. We are proud to have sourced a job for Murray and we will continue to support him and his employer to ensure ongoing success for both,” Mr Luck said.

Presenting Murray with his own work shirt at Country Range Farming, just outside Toowoomba, was a particular highlight for Mr Luck and his team. 

"When you see your job seeker (Murray) physically in tears, hugging their employer, hugging myself and my team and even bringing the journalist to tears, it makes you realise why we get out of bed every day and do what we do at HELP,” he said.

The Manager of Country Range Farming, Roxanne, said her newest employee was already settling in after just three weeks. 

"He's been fantastic. He had a little bit of anxiety at first, but he has fitted in so well and become part of the team very quickly," she said.

Roxanne admitted she was anxious about introducing someone with disability into the workplace, something she's glad she looked past. Mr Luck said employer fear or anxiety was a common obstacle facing people with disability trying to enter the job market.

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“We not only move Heaven and Earth to get our job seekers employed, but we also do the same for employers. Workforce diversity and inclusion is a key business imperative these days and we provide businesses with advice, strategies, suitable candidates and ongoing support after the employee starts their new job, at no cost. Employers don’t have to do this alone or fear it, HELP is there for them also,” Mr Luck said.

HELP has supported nearly 50,000 job seekers, 18,000 employers and specialises in helping people with health conditions or disability; by creating employment pathways into local businesses and leading by example through directly employing over 350 staff with disability in a wide range of jobs within HELP.

"Murray is a classic example of someone's life being changed because they can now participate in the economy, and enhance their own lifestyle and independence. HELP is proud to have played a role in changing Murray’s life," Mr Luck said.

Help Employment & Training is a local Queensland-based non-profit that provides tailored employment and training solutions to job seekers, employers and students.

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