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Selena's Hope

Selena's Hope

Finding someone who cares

Selena had gone from job agency to job agency over the years with no hope in sight. Selena had all but given up when she received a call notifying her of yet another change of providers, this time to Help Employment and Training. Admittedly, Selena felt disheartened and braced herself to fall back into the same pattern she'd experienced before.

"I went in full of attitude. Over being passed around... ready to make (this organisations) job much harder. I walked in, sat down and couldn't believe it. I met a staff member. She didn't seem like the type of person I'd normally give a second of my time to. However over the weeks, months and now years I have found myself running to this beautiful person. Whenever something is happening good or bad... she helped me when I was down and celebrated my highs," said Selena.

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Selena personally wrote to HELP to express her gratitude for the support of her job coach and our Bellara employment office. 

"You will never have enough time for me to go through all the things this lady has done for me. Believe me. Things that she didn't need to do. She has gone above and beyond time and time again," wrote Selena.

Then job coach and now branch leader, Roxanne couldn't speak more highly of Selena and says she has chosen to stay on as her job coach despite the change of role.

“I really felt I needed to stay with Selena. I didn't want to pass her off to another coach because that would be yet another change for her,” said brand leader, Roxanne.

Selena is now happily employed as a dog groomer and is still in frequent contact with Roxanne to receive post-placement support and ongoing encouragement.

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