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Terry-Dee's Journey

Terry-Dee's Journey


Having become frustrated with not finding long-term employment through her previous employment services provider, Terry-Dee came to Help Employment & Training looking for something different. She was determined to break the Centrelink cycle, having successfully found jobs but not being able to maintain them long enough to avoid falling back on Centrelink to support her family.

“From the moment we met Terry-Dee we knew she had a lot of fire, a lot of passion, a lot of heart. We loved her energy and that can be channelled into real professionalism.” – Help Employment Job Coach

If you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or have a health condition, illness or disability, enquire here for assistance to find employment.


Being a proud Koori woman, HELP's Indigenous Programs caught Terry-Dee’s interest. After explaining to her employment coach that what she was looking for, was a career that embraced her Indigenous heritage and culture, Terry-Dee was then enrolled in our Help Employment Women’s Business program, run by HELP's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Community Engagement team.

By having an individualised coaching plan developed for Terry-Dee, it became apparent that gaining employment wasn’t the hard part for her, but that it was about finding the right job suited to her career goals and aspirations that recognised her heritage.

“To this team I’m not just an outcome, but a valued client and they shaped me into the leader I am now” said Terry-Dee.

After completing the program, Terry-Dee was offered a placement at Youth Development Foundation (YDF), a non-profit organisation focussed on disengaged and disadvantaged youth. Following her placement, Terry-Dee was successful in gaining the role of ‘Cultural Indigenous Mentor’, a position which has now enabled her to help more than 40 young Indigenous job seekers find full-time employment.

“I am finally in a life changing role now, all due to the wonderful opportunity to participate in HELP's Women’s Business program. I am now able to facilitate my own cultural programs and help even more Indigenous people break the social stigma and let them know that with persistence and determination, they too can reach their goals in a successful and culturally appropriate manner” said Terry-Dee.

Our ATSI Community Engagement Team

At Help Employment & Training, our goal is to deliver engaging and relevant Indigenous Programs to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that's about much more than just getting a job. 

HELP's internal ATSI Community Engagement team is committed to assisting Indigenous people into employment through a range of culturally appropriate programs and services. 

Help Employment & Training is a local Queensland-based non-profit that provides tailored employment and training solutions to job seekers, employers and students.

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