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The benefits of hiring people with disability

7th April 2021

Did you know? 

People with disability make more productive, reliable, and loyal employees than most mainstream jobseekers.  

So why is the unemployment rate of working-age people with disability twice that of those without disability? 

Unfortunately, there are many myths and misconceptions that affect people with disability and their ability to get a job.  Despite having the right skills and experience for the job, qualified candidates with disability are often overlooked due to misinformation about their capabilities, health risks and the cost of workplace modifications. 

Organisations like HELP work with employers to change these perceptions and create meaningful job opportunities for people with disability. A big part of our role is educating people about the benefits of employing people with disability, and debunking myths that make it hard for them to find work – so let’s get started!  

Myth: People with disability aren’t capable employees 
Fact: People with disability excel in different roles, sometimes completing tasks quicker or more effectively because of their ‘disability’. For example a candidate with autism who has a high attention detail may excel at jobs like sorting mail, filing or managing stock which require accuracy and strict processes. Everyone is capable of doing work – it’s just about finding a job that’s right for each person and their skills. People with disability can bring different strengths to the workplace.

Myth 2: People with disability take lots of sick days 
Fact: Though many people with disability manage lifelong health challenges, they don’t let it impact their work life. Routine doctors’ appointments and years of self-managing medications and treatments means that employees with disability know what it takes stay healthy and avoid triggers. In fact employees with disability are known to take fewer sick days than staff members without disability.  

Myth 3: People with disability require expensive workplace modifications to do their job 

Fact: Whilst workplace modifications may be required by some people with disability they are often inexpensive or able to be subsidised by government funds. When interviewing or onboarding an employee with disability it is important to discuss their needs and what they require to do the job. You might be surprised to learn that the modification they need may also benefit other employees and make your business more accessible for customers too.  

What are the benefits of hiring a person with disability?  

Providing job opportunities for people with disability not only promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace, but it also comes with a range of social and economic benefits that can positively impact your business.  

We know that people with disability make great employees because they: 

  • Take fewer days off  
  • Are committed to further development and training 
  • Stay in jobs longer than other employees (they’re in it for the long haul!) 
  • Create positive work environments 
  • Boost team morale 
  • Build lasting relationships with customers 

Diversity in disability 

It’s important to remember that the term “disability” encompasses a wide range of conditions that may vary in severity. Having a disability means different things to different people – no two people are the same. A person with disability may have an injury, be hearing or visually impaired, have learning difficulties, struggle with anxiety and depression, or have other health conditions. Invisible disabilities like rheumatoid arthritis, PTSD, diabetes and schizophrenia also come with negative stigma that can affect people’s ability to find or stay in work.  

We can help you find the right person for the job 

For over 50 years HELP has worked with employers to create more inclusive job opportunities for people with disability.  We partner with businesses big and small to break down barriers, change perceptions, and identify mutually beneficial staffing solutions.   

HELP Employment services are free and support employers throughout the entire recruitment process from shortlisting candidates, to post placement support, to ensure you find the right candidate for the role.  

HELP Employment services are customisable and specifically designed to get the best results for you. With HELP you get access to: 

  • our dedicated employer support team 
  • assistance managing vacancy requirements 
  • a shortlist of appropriate and work ready candidates 
  • ongoing support for you and your new staff member to ensure long term success 
  • help navigating any wage subsidies that may be available 

We can help your business thrive! Call 1800 VACANCY to speak to our team, or go to our Employer Info page to find out more.  


Our Success Stories 

We work with communities and employers every day to find jobs for people with disability. Watch now to find out how HELP has partnered with Coles The Gap to create inclusive more job opportunities in our local community. 

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