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Bridget joins Brisbane City Council

1st December 2021

Earlier this year Bridget joined the Brisbane City Council team as a Project Support Officer.

After struggling to find a professional role that met her requirements (part-time hours and accessibility for her mobility aide), Bridget was excited to finally land a paid job where she could put her skills to work.


Bridget started her employment journey with the support of HELP’s Direct Placement Specialist, Dan. Together they were able to define Bridget’s strengths, develop her CV, and practice interview skills to get job-ready.

It wasn't long before Dan discovered Bridget’s talent for writing and found an opportunity in the Disability Action at Work (DAAW) Program with Brisbane City Council.

"When my colleague Rod came to me and spoke to me about the DAAW program I immediately thought of Bridget and what a great opportunity it would be [for her]. Every coach at HELP cares about the people that we work with. We really just want the best for our clients, and work on their strengths to get them into the right employment," said Dan. 

The program, which offers short-term opportunities for people with disability to advance their skills, has given Bridget the chance to experience meaningful work and opened doors to potential roles in 2022.

Sam Dureau, Bridget’s Manager has witnessed Bridget blossom during her time in the program and is already advocating for Bridget to find another position within Council once it comes to a close.

"Bridget has really contributed not just to the content, but more broadly to the branch as well. I've seen a lot of growth in the time she's has been with us and it's been really positive," said Sam.

"What we're working on together with Bridget, is for her to find the right role in council with me as a really strong advocate for her. She's built some other wonderful relationships with people so they can also advocate for her, and hopefully, we can find her the right role where she can continue to contribute."


At HELP we know that people with disability make the best employees! There are many benefits to hiring people with disability, from increased productivity and boosted morale, to better relationships with customers and higher staff retention. Initiatives like the DAAW program help us to spread this message and give other employers the chance to see diversity and inclusion in action. 



Though Bridget's role may look a little different in the months ahead, there's one thing we know for sure - the future is looking bright for this gifted creative.

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