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Top 5 Tips To Ace Your Online Interview

18th August 2021

Lockdown restrictions, high volumes of applications, and hectic work schedules mean more and more employers are relying on virtual or online interviews to screen candidates. Land your dream job and get interview ready with our top 5 tips to success.

1. Dress professionally

Just because you’re not meeting someone in person doesn’t mean you can skimp on presentation. Make sure your clothes are clean and ironed, your hair is tidy or tied back, and your makeup is natural. If you’re unsure what to wear opt for more conservative styles (collared white shirt, black skirt or pants, and simple jewellery).

2. Be on time

As soon as you confirm your interview date write it down in your diary, mark it on your calendar, or set a reminder in your phone. The night before lay out your outfit and set an alarm for the next day so you wake up bright and refreshed. If you need some extra time to set up your computer or check the interview link make sure you factor an extra 20 minutes into your plan. 

3. Tech check

There’s nothing worse than logging on to start your interview only to find your camera doesn’t work, or the link has expired. If you need some help setting up for your interview ask a friend, family member or your HELP coach. If you aren’t able to access the equipment (laptop/phone) to complete the interview, borrow a friend or family member's device, or contact your interviewer beforehand to make alternative arrangements.

4. Watch your body language

Body language is often more powerful than words. Make eye contact, use hand gestures, and minimise other movements (like nervous nail chewing or bouncing your leg) to show you are engaged and present throughout the interview. 

5. Practice makes perfect

Practice answering questions and getting comfortable in front of the screen to combat interview nerves.  Setting up a mock interview via skype or facetime with one of your friends is a great way to prepare and stay connected during lockdown. You can also write down a few notes about your skills and experience to have on hand throughout the interview in case you need a quick reminder. 


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