Help Employment Training

Get Job Ready

get job ready

2. Take the next step

Now that you have your job plan, it’s time to start our pre-employment preparation.

  • Develop your personal brand, where we help you to create resumes, profiles and cover letters
  • Learn new skills or enhance your current attributes through our award-winning Help Training Institute
  • Access our specialised support if you experience challenges that may be a barrier to employment
  • Join our Job Clubs, where you learn how to search and apply for jobs
  • Build self-esteem, confidence and motivation to succeed.

You will also have access to our computers, phone, photocopiers, printers, free Wi-Fi and of course 24/7 access to our mobile Jobs Portal where jobs are tailored to your skills and attributes and sent to you via SMS alert.

step 1: Get Started

step 2: get job ready

step 3: get the job
step 4: achieve job success