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Job seekers with disability

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If you're aged 15 to 65 years and have a health condition such as an injury, illness or disability, we can help you to achieve and sustain employment.

We believe there is more to a person than their disability. That is why we look beyond it and focus on ability. By doing this we can help place candidates in the right job, not just any job.

  • Your personal situation is understood
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Friendly and caring experience
  • Grow your skills with tailored training
  • Achieve job success with our coaching
  • On-the-job support

Please complete our enquiry form so we can call you to discuss your needs and design a solution that's best for you.

OUR Disability employment PROGRAMS 

We’ve helped over 50,000 participants through our Employment Services. HELP's programs are provided at no cost to eligible job seekers.