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Health & Wellbeing Services

Health & Wellbeing Services

Health & wellbeing services

Helping jobseekers manage their mental health and wellbeing so they can move toward their employment goals.

Are you feeling overwhelmed finding a job or managing workplace stress? Our Health and Wellbeing Services team is here to support you to better manage and care for yourself during this challenging time. We do this by providing an employment first approach and help you realise your potential.

How to access

Starting a new job can be difficult, but even more so when you have an emotional, mental or physical health challenge. We also know that finding and keeping work can be equally difficult if you have not been in the workforce for a while or experienced continued rejections.

If you are a ‘jobactive’ or ‘Disability Employment Services’ participant, you may be eligible for our services. Speak with your Help Employment Coach about the type of service you would like to engage in and they will check your eligibility. If you are eligible, they will then organise a referral to our team.

support types

We offer a range of health and wellbeing services tailored to meet different needs:

  • Help to find a job

Mental health counselling: support to better manage your mental health so you can find a job.

Career counselling: support to identify the right job for you.

  • Help to keep a job

Mental health counselling: support to better manage your mental health so you can keep your job.

Employer advocacy: support with your employer so you can keep your job.

Benefits to you

This is an additional support service for job seekers to care for their health and wellbeing, while still working towards their employment goals. When you access this service:

  • Learn techniques to cope with stress and difficult situations
  • Identify the right job for you
  • Better manage complex emotions
  • Work through traumatic experiences
  • Challenge negative thinking patterns
  • Be supported to manage workplace stress
  • Develop better ways to communicate with others
  • Achieve work-life balance
  • Learn techniques to manage anger and other difficult emotions
  • Reduce alcohol and other drug use
  • Have healthier relationships
  • Better manage symptoms of anxiety and depression


We have Practitioners on the ground who work collaboratively with coaches to develop individualised plans through our range of programs. For more information about our health and wellbeing options or to understand which service best suits your needs, please contact your Help Employment Coach or phone 1800 877 545.

If you would like to involve your family, carer or another community service provider, we will aim to work together to meet your specific needs.