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Free, sustainable staffing solutions for small, medium and enterprise level organisations.

HELP Employment and Training offers staffing solutions and recruitment support to Australian businesses looking to hire new staff.

Our free service helps by:

  1. Supporting you before, during and after hiring a new staff member.
  2. Providing you with a shortlist of appropriate and enthusiastic candidates from our database of over 20,000 job seekers.
  3. Helping you access available government funding if you are eligible.

We aim to make hiring easy, so you can focus on growing your business. Our dedicated and experienced team is only ever a phone call away. So whether you're starting to grow your organisation, or have a large number of vacancies to fill quickly, you can count on HELP Employment and Training to help you out. Call us today to see how we can support your business.

Click here to register a vacancy or call 1800 VACANCY to speak to our team.


Helping businesses grow for 50 years

We've got plenty of experience in staffing solutions for employers – we've been at it for more than 50 years! Our team works alongside employers and communities to find the right candidate for each role, with no cost to anyone.

We've helped more than 18,000 employers over the past 5 decades, and we take our work seriously. For a no-obligation chat with our friendly employer support team, use the form below to submit a vacancy or call 1800 VACANCY (1800-822-262-9) to speak to our employer support team directly.

Let us help you find the perfect candidate.

  • Get access to our dedicated employer support team.
  • Get assistance managing vacancy requirements.
  • Get a shortlist of appropriate and work-ready candidates.
  • Get ongoing support for you and your new staff member, ensuring long-term success.


Our 72-hour shortlist

We aim to have a shortlist to you within 72 hours of you posting your new job vacancy. Our team will use our database of appropriate and job-ready candidates, narrowing it down to match your exact business needs so you can feel confident you are getting a shortlist of people you would be proud to have working for you.


We'll HELP you navigate wage subsidies

Funding assistance may be available to support with the cost of hiring and training a new employee. Our team can help you determine if your business is eligible for government wage subsidies, as well as helping you navigate the application process.

Potential wage subsidies include (requiring at least an average of 20 hours per week of work):

  • Youth Bonus Wage Subsidy, up to $10,000. (when hiring eligible job seekers who are 15-24 years)
  • Youth Wage Subsidy, up to $6,500. (when hiring eligible job seekers who are 25-29 years)
  • Restart Wage Subsidy, up to $10,000. (when hiring eligible job seekers who are 50 years or older)
  • Indigenous Wage Subsidy, up to $10,000. (when hiring eligible Indigenous Australian job seekers)
  • Parents Wage Subsidy, up to $6,500. (when hiring eligible job seekers who are a primary caregiver)
  • Wage Subsidy Scheme, up to $1,650. (when hiring eligible job seekers with disability - requires average of 8 hours of work per week)

You may be eligible if your business meets the following criteria:  

  1. Have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  2. Have not previously received a wage subsidy for the same person
  3. Are not an Australian, state or territory government agency
  4. Offer a job that is expected to be ongoing and for an average of 20 hours per week over the six months of the wage subsidy agreement
  5. Offer a job that complies with employment standards for the position - for example, is suitable work and pays as a minimum the national award wage. 


Want to find out more about how HELP Employment and Training can help your business grow and thrive?

Get in touch with us now by calling 1800 VACANCY or simply fill out the form below to get free support for your recruitment and staffing process.


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