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3 September 2019

WOULD YOU hirE A peRSON with disability? 

Create a more diverse and inclusive labour force.

There is a strong case to be made for the fact that many Australians value companies that have a diverse labour force. Not only does it better represent the community, it also shows a willingness to hire people from a diverse range of backgrounds, skills and life experiences. Additionally, employees with disability provide greater insight into your customers who may also have a disability. Hiring employees with disability increases the positive image of your brand as a whole. From a business perspective, it’s simply good, modern practice. 

Benefits of hiring an employee with disability.

There are many benefits to considering people with disability when recruiting. Many businesses report greater brand-loyalty and customer retention when promoting an accessible, diverse, and inclusive workplace culture. There are many stigmas and misconceptions surrounding the challenges associated with employing people with disability, however more employers are starting to realise the significant benefits of hiring a worker regardless of their disability. At Help Employment & Training, we pride ourselves on working with businesses to better represent the local communities in which they operate, by matching people with disability to the most suitable jobs. 

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Find the right person for the job.

At times it can be difficult to find the right candidate for the job. Many employers discover that recruiting employees regardless of their disability can greatly increase their talent pool. This enables companies to source highly qualified employees in an otherwise untapped pool. In many cases, having a disability does not make a person less capable of performing a job. In fact, studies show nearly identical job performance ratings across most sectors (Australian Human Rights Commission, n.d., para 2.3). 

Higher retention rates and less absenteeism.

Employees with disability often show a higher retention rate and longer tenure, offering companies a more stable workforce and reduced training costs. Not only do your customers see and value longer serving employees in more inclusive workplaces, it also instils greater confidence and optimism in fellow colleagues. Workers with disability also take fewer sick days and general absences (Australian Human Rights Commission, n.d., para 2.3). 

from a business that has been doing just this, for 50 years.

In our experience, the list of benefits extends far beyond this. From finding the right person for the job and building more diversified labour forces, to improving worker retention rates and internal employee morale and culture, there is so much to be said about hiring workers with disability. Help Employment & Training has extensive experience fostering relationships with employers, industries and communities to achieve more inclusive staffing solutions that create a real difference for businesses. All it takes, is an open-mind to exploring and considering alternative recruitment outcomes for your workplace. 


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