Help Employment Training


30 May 2019

'I have a disability and need a job'

It’s a phrase we’ve heard many people say and, at Help Employment & Training, we know the barriers and challenges that can be associated with finding work when you have a disability. We’ve worked with thousands of participants through our Disability Employment Services to help them develop their employability skills and knowledge of the job market. More importantly, we give people with disability the boost in confidence to know they can. We understand what employers are looking for and work to develop an individualised plan for each participant we work with. Finding a job with a disability doesn’t have to be a daunting task or feel like you’re on your own.

One of our 'Inspiring Stories'

A great example of this is one of our job seekers Murray, who found work through our Disability Employment Services office in Toowoomba after enduring a lengthy and frustrating search for work. Having exhausted every avenue he could think of; hundreds of resumes, phone calls, letters and even job classifieds. Murray had also tried a number of other Disability Employment Services providers over several years, without success. That was until he joined Help Employment & Training Toowoomba. Murray has been happily employed with a local business for three months (at the time of this publication). Read his full story here.

'Finding a job with a disability'

Whether you are looking for a new job opportunity or re-entering the workforce, it’s important to not only consider what type of job may be best for you (when it comes to your skills & experience) but also what type of job you would be most happy in that aligns with your personal interests and career goals. Our disability employment coaches get to know you personally and work to develop a tailored plan specific to your needs. In many cases, we provide job training and upskilling for specific industries that may be perfect for you.

For those looking to find the a job that suits your needs, you can enquire online and your nearest employment service team will contact you to discuss the best options.