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SERIES one: Billy Moore

In this podcast, Kim Stokes sat down with former Australian professional rugby league player and state of origin legend, turned hotelier and restaurateur - Billy Moore. Billy addresses his career, before and after rugby league and the grey area between when his professional football career seemed to end as fast as it began. Explaining how he learned to quantify perfection, Billy provides examples from his own life and offers advice passed on to him through his own mentors. This series is not only for fans of rugby league, but for those wishing to find there passion in their own respective careers.

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Special thanks to Billy Moore and Kim Stokes for their work on this production.

Episode 1: The workhorse mentality, identifying strengths and overcoming weaknesses

Starting his working life at 13 picking apples in Stanthorpe, Billy was instilled with a strong work ethic and drive for success. In his own words, “Hard work will always beat talent when talent doesn’t work hard enough”. In this episode, Billy explains how at an international rugby league camp with over 700 would-be career footballers, he was the one to end up achieving some of rugby league’s highest honours. 


Episode 2: The underdog tag, the power of belief when facing adversity 

Before the ‘Maroon’s’ infamous whitewash of NSW in the 1995 State of Origin, Paul "Fatty" Vautin addressed his team of rookies. Paul “laid the platform of belief” before what seemed at the time to be a ‘David and Goliath’ clash against a team of greats. In this episode, Billy names his mentors and passes on the many lessons he was taught throughout his career in rugby and how they transcended his life as professional athlete. 


Episode 3: When the game changes, finding mentors and setting goals

After a successful career in Rugby League, the year 1998 signalled the end of Billy Moore’s representative career. Battling through a 2-year slump, he managed to come out on the other end as a successful small business owner of an internationally recognised, award-winning restaurant. In this episode, we hear what it takes to become an employee at the Billy's famous Augello’s Restaurant. Billy also details his journey of re-discovery and what processes he put in place to pivot from winning ‘Man of the Match’ in Rugby League to his restaurant winning ‘Best Pizza on the Globe’ in the Global Pizza Challenge.


Episode 4: The EYE OF THE STORM, Teamwork and leadership

The 1995 Queensland State of Origin team resembled a champion team, not a team of champions. Hear what it's like to sit in the locker room with teammates who "beat to the same drum" and collectively work towards the same goal while also striving towards their own individual goals. In this episode, Billy talks about the power of teamwork, great leadership and how he’d like to be remembered when the final siren sounds. 

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